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Why Now!?

There is a war ongoing for the mind of America’s emerging leaders.

Education is often classified as the great equalizer, yet in contemporary times it is a grave stratifier. “Education as Gospel” theory has created personal ideologies of manifest destiny for many, sparking the notion that the higher the education, the more esteemed. However, this notion does not reside with all individuals of the life span spectrum. With collegiate education being an economic/societal benchmark, many rivals this standard for reasons based on ability, circumstance, and intentionality.

In order to strengthen accessible and equitable learning accounts for all populations, the demonstration of the “SEE US SACRAMENTO” showcase will unveil and illustrate appealing engagements that will bolster exposure and acumen for all in attendance. The emphasis on educational items will hone in on chartered pathways for the A-G college curriculum and hands-on learning labs. The goal is for students to walk away with diverse discipline exposure and enriched pathways to exercise physically and through cerebral cognition.


$45 (Reg. $75)