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Investing into Social Media management for a growing business can be a intricate investment when budgets are tight. Also, it is difficult to justify spending on something you may not wholeheartedly believe in. At the end of the day, we get it, it boils down to results!

According to the department of labor statistics, some Social Media Specialist make between $30,184 – $58,943. Are you investing that much money?

Although, to some businesses 30k is a drop in the bucket but to others, not so much. Thats why companies like Social Assistor understands that small businesses are the life-force of the business community and that we must do everything we can to remain sustainable through tough times.

These 3 recommendations can help protect you in a recession:

  1. Prospect When You’re Busy Most business owners and sales executives forget this golden rule when they are having the time of their life and watching the checks cut. They forget to open doors and network with new prospects when they are busy. Thus, leading to low months and shaky quarterly earnings. Use social media to facilitate introductions and people will be happy to meet with you.
  2. Connect & Listen to Your Customers – Customers value your services but at the same time when money is tight, they will cut bait and find a way around your services if they can help it. Social media can provide a great way to survey, research and understand what the public space is saying about your business. 
  3. Brand Audit – It’s important to review your business systems and processes. This is sometimes called a brand audit and it is healthy. Yes, it’s like the annual spring cleaning or when you need to back-up documents on your cloud or hard-drives. It is a must do because it will eliminate pain in the future. David Corbin in his book Brand Slaughter dives deeper into this concept. 

These recommendations are aimed for the business owner who wants more out of their business when things are going good. We believe social media is one of the cost effective answers. Thanks for reading and don’t let those ideas just sit there, execute them today or fill-out our questionnaire to see if you would be a great partner with us.

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