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The Importance of Social Media Marketing to your Business

We feel like “Captain Obvious” for saying this but, social media marketing, especially as it relates to Facebook, is kind of a big thing. With over 214 million Facebook users in the United States and over 2 billion users worldwide, it can be a game changer for any organization if used effectively.

Surprisingly, though, there are many small business owners, franchise systems, non-profits, and professionals that don’t have any social media presence or have an underutilized presence at best. My best guess is that there is either a fear, lack of knowledge, or uncertainty about social media marketing by these companies and individuals.

One of the other challenges or mindsets many small business people and franchise systems have is that “social media” is for young people. Recent statistics from 2018 Statista research show that, 42.4 million people from 35 to 44, 35.4 million people from 45 to 54, 26.5 million people 55 to 64, and 21.1 million people over 65 years of age are on Facebook. Over 125 million people over the age of 35 means there is a huge opportunity to reach many of your potential customers.

This same mindset also lends some small business owners and medial publications to think that they should hand over the responsibility to manage their social media marketing to a “young employee” or “young relative”. To this we say simply and forcefully – “If you wouldn’t let this person negotiate a lease for your business, you should not have them manage your social media marketing”. It is that important. Social media marketing could be the difference between your business surviving or thriving.

To effectively use social media marketing, you need a strategy that takes into account the company’s sales objectives, business costs, potential opportunities, and profitability. One of our company mantras is that a good social media marketing strategy shouldn’t make you popular but should make you profitable. It is important for a small business or any organization to invest the time and/or money into developing and implementing a goal oriented and consistent social media marketing strategy and plan.

We say all this from the perspective of a franchise restaurant owner and investor that has been using Facebook marketing as the primary marketing tool for the past 10 years. It is the most cost effective and impactful marketing that we have used since being a franchise restaurant owner and has allowed our locations to generate higher sales consistently among our peers in the system and industry.

We believe you have 3 choices when it comes to social media marketing:

  1. Learn how the different social media platforms work and jump in with both feet. Develop the knowledge and implement a consistent marketing strategy.
  2. Find a partner that specializes in this area to help you develop and implement a strategy until you can build your own knowledge or have the time to manage it in house.
  3. See choices 1 and 2 because doing nothing is not an option.

Remember, the longest journey begins with that first step.

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