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Remember Social Media it isn’t just about posting or tagging photo’s. In addition, having 10k likes with low engagement and activity is not good either. Social media is like a gym membership. Would you go to the gym to only make your thumbs strong? Sounds silly right? Of course. We recommend you want to take a holistic or comprehensive approach for your entire body just as you would for your social media. That ‘gym membership’ should be a place where you take classes, swim, pump-iron, practice yoga, walk treadmills, speak to experts and even make business contacts.

It is the same with Social media management, you have to invest time and resources. Typically an organic approach range from 6 – months to 12 – months.  It can be complex when you want to turn those active (on-line) hours into revenue but the secret is having someone who can speak that language on your behalf or even teach your team effectively.

These multi-faceted roles serve as an intentional way to help a business recession proofing the company and reaching its high-level of sustainability.

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