Most people set a goal to build their marketing plan for the top of the new year. That’s a good insightful vision, however, let me recommend some tips on why you should begin in early November or sooner, every year.

People “Check-Out” Mentally – While it slows down during the holiday months for some, it’s important for you to use your time effectively. People tend to “check-out” mentally during the busy holiday season. So it’s up to you to make sure you get the most out of your year! Let’s be honest everyone’s mind is on vacation and family (exceptions for retail and seasonal business). You can incentivize yourself and or your team to stay focused ie. extra time off, better holiday gifts etc…what do you have to lose? Their production will go down naturally during the winter months. Small Biz Trends discusses great ways to combat this.

“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” – You can do this by learning about social media, organizing referral plans and strategizing with your power partners. When I worked for the Chamber of Commerce, our leadership would schedule, training, goal setting and brainstorming sessions slower months. I thought this was great because it didn’t disrupt during the peak months.

How are you finishing the year?

For Social Assistor, we’ve seen a huge influx in RFP’s (requests for proposals) and requests for education. Business owners, franchise owners, real estate professionals and even lenders continue to inquire about ways social media can support their engagement, during the slower times of the year.

Because of those niche areas, we are providing special courses, lunch and learns and specific strategy sessions for those who seek to:

  • Increase your online presence & stay top of mind
  • Leverage social networks and learn the tools for more engagement
  • Apply easy practical tips for business development & referrals

Some of the recent groups who have scheduled us speak are:



Set-up a brief call if its time for you to revamp your strategy.

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