Insurance for the Small Business & Self-Employed can be confusing and tedious to understand for new and seasoned professionals. We’ve seen this first hand from entrepreneurs and fellow chamber members.
Instead of complaining, through our web conference we will equip our community with ways to analyze, save money and protect ourselves from large insurance bills.

We believe that we should be empowered by our health choices, that is why Social Assistor has enlisted the help of the top Health Insurance professionals. We’ve secured two experts from two major markets, Rhonda Norton of Norton Health Insurance in San Diego County and Connie with Bosserman Health Insurance Services in Sacramento County. Combined they have over 50 years experience in the industry and will share their wisdom to help us navigate the health industry and how the to defray costs as a business owner.

Both of these outstanding professionals are very active members in the community. Rhonda is a member with one of the most dynamic Chambers in San Diego, North SD Business Chamber. In the Sacramento region, Connie is an active member in the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce and local collaboratives.

Web Conference Highlights:

Community Clinics – typically in cities Minute Clinics or other free standing urgent care facilities Social programs for those having a special condition Car insurance. Who has a medical rider that compliments the insurance.

Who should attend this Free Webinar?

  • Individuals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Special Invite to Chamber Members & BNI Members
  • Others that feel there are too many moving parts to what the future projects in the health insurance world and don’t feel like trying to predict.


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