Mission Control to Space (Interview from Space w/ Astronaut Victor Glover)

TODAY, Interview on February 8, 2021

NBC’s Al Roker posed a question: “From one sigma (ΦΒΣ) to another and for those of us who are more firmly planted on earth, what is it like being at the international space station and how did it differ from what you thought it would be? Astronaut Victor Glover responds, “It’s so many things, that’s a big question, it is an amazing place to be. It’s an outreach facility, a manufacturing facility, laboratory but I try to emphasize the fact that it’s also our home” (NBC, 2021). 

Mr. Glover is the first African American on a long-term voyage to the international space station (NBC, 2021). What an awesome path charted for mankind, our country, and future space expeditions for interplanetary discovery. His leadership example showcases world-class brilliance through faces and the definition of “Black Excellence.” As a husband, father, and man of God, he represents so much more. This Los Angeles native, former CSU athlete (Cal Poly, SLO), Navy Captain, and international sensation brings hope to many classrooms across the nation.

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