Chairman Bio

Mr. Dimitrous J. Chattman

Community Ambassador

Dimitrous Chattman is an educational change agent and Doctoral student (UC Davis, 23′) that has created transformational results for students of all constructs. He has interfaced with over 100 organizations, civic entities, and educational institutions; provided momentum-moving educational curriculum for 10,000 students in K-12 and post-secondary arenas; raised over $10 million dollars in culture-changing initiatives designed to alleviate socio-economic struggle, and has been a part of statewide efforts to enhance statistics associated with California bachelor degree holders. 

Dimitrous possess dynamic acumen and aptitude highlighting strategic planning, effective collaboration, esteemed EDI tasking, and innovative solutions aligned with California educational campaigns. His cerebral brilliance has afforded him the capacity to consult many high-level leaders privately. As a true pillar of versatility, he is a swiss-army knife creating educational exhibitions that are groundbreaking in display, gravitating students towards untapped benchmarks of success.  

He is a former NCAA Division I football player at San Jose State University. His athletic acclaim and high-power teamwork bring fun and synergy. His Master’s degree in sports management introduced him to the business of competition and event design. For over a decade, he has provided organizational fundraising with NFL Legend and Emmy Award winner John Madden. His ability to lead a multifaceted board with an 85% efficiency adhered to the immersive impact donors and charitable corporations seek. Currently, he is the Northern California Regional Admissions Manager with California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Here he is leading efforts in collaboration with other educational partners and dignitaries to mobilize culturally relevant pathways while diminishing California’s bachelor’s degree deficit. With extensive reach to a variety of demographics, his influence is highly respected and honored in many circles as a man of God, husband, father, and friend to the community.