Day 1

Learning Labs & Exhibition

Format: Organizations, schools, and sponsors will send student delegations or teams to participate in the exhibition. The event’s emphasis on educational hands-on learning labs will hone in on wrap-around services: cradle-2-career, chartered pathways for A-G and physical and intellectual stations. The goal is for students to walk away with diverse discipline exposure, enriched pathways, to exercise physically and through cerebral cognition. Thus, sparking greater accounts of a sense of belonging, personal endeavor via personal capacity, and most of all, having fun exploring untapped pathways. See it in action with our Reflexion Asset below.

Neuro Science & Training

Participation: Most exhibition participants will be organized in a “team” format. There are currently 24 team slots available for the exhibition. Each team in the exhibition can have as few as 12 with a maximum of 20 students for each team. Teams will rotate by round between learning labs and the various stations throughout the event. Detailed instructions for each experience will be listed and “previewed” as well as on the website prior to the event. (All Team Participants Get Free Entry into Day 2)

Guest/Spectators: Additional tickets will be available for sponsors, community partners, and student supporters. Also, select early bird tickets will be offered at a subsidized rate. Supporters and non-team participants can attend by paying a general admission (spectator pass), which allows individuals to experience the event and gain exposure to several educational pathways.